Who Would Raise Your Baby...

...If Something Tragic Happened To You?


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My name is Nancy Chillag and I’m an estate planning attorney in Menlo Park.  I’m also a mom of 3 girls and I understand that there is nothing more important than handpicking a legal guardian who could raise your baby if something tragic happens to you and your spouse.  Difficulty in deciding on the right guardian is the number one item that causes most parents to procrastinate in putting an estate plan in place.



Choosing the right guardian can be difficult, which is why I’ve created a FREE report to teach you:

  • How to identify the best possible candidates for guardian
  • How parenting skills and values should play a role in your decision…and why choosing a guardian based on financial resources is less important than you think!
  • How to ensure a judge (who doesn’t know you or your wishes!) does not choose someone you would NEVER want to raise your baby if tragedy strikes

Remember, if you don’t document your wishes they will never be considered.

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