Nancy Chillag

Hi, I’m Nancy Chillag, an estate planning attorney and mom of 3 girls.

Have you ever wondered who would raise your kids and how they would be financially cared for if something tragic happened to you or your spouse?

As my girls were growing up, it was hard to travel for business, take a vacation or even run an errand around the corner with my husband without worrying what would happen to my kids if we didn’t make it back home that day.

Every day, families across the country are devastated by tragedy.  A single mom becomes sick with cancer, the family car is hit head-on by a drunk driver, or dad suffers a brain aneurysm at work.  Death or incapacity can happen unexpectedly to the best of us.

It's Time To Make Your Wishes For Your Family Known and Document Those Wishes

Every parent knows that accidents and serious illness can strike without warning, but many parents don’t know the first steps to being truly prepared.

Your Kids Are Counting on You! is an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand guide to naming legal guardians and protecting your children’s future if the unthinkable happens.  Learning from real-life stories and every-day scenarios, this book will help you discover:

Make Sure Your Kids Are Protected—No Matter What Happens!

There’s no greater peace of mind than knowing your kids would be raised exactly how you want if the unthinkable happens.  Don’t wait to order your copy of Your Kids Are Counting On You! and learn how to put a rock-solid hedge of protection around your precious family today!


"My husband and I just had our first ‘night out’ alone since the baby was born. It felt really good knowing that I had guardians in place if anything happened to us.  With all of the stress in our lives right now, this book gave me one great reason to relax."

- Amber W.


"I wish they gave this book out at the hospital. I had no idea the dangers of not having legal guardians named and creating a long-term plan for your kids. Reading this book and doing what it says is just as important as having car seats and cabinet locks. A must-read for any parent."

- Laura S.