Rave Reviews from Clients

Estate Planning

You did an excellent job of presenting important estate planning information to our families.  Thank you so much! Your presentation had just the right mix of warmth and professionalism!  We appreciate it!

J. Carlson

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Nancy delivered some advice that may have sent chills up your spine, but was intended to save any business owner the agony of lawsuits for terminations, leases, record keeping, etc. Even experienced business people in our audience learned new aspects of how to legally conduct [business].

National Tooling and Machining Association

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Real Estate

Her understanding of Real Estate Law is exceptional. She represents client’s interest and has saved them lots of time and money. The books she has written and speaking she does is exceptional. I highly recommend her.

H. Gruber
Consultant/Advisor, Strategic Financial

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I have worked with Nancy on several levels associated with the construction industry for many years. Nancy has an exceptional background and extensive knowledge of the construction industry. I have and always will recommend Nancy for anyone who needs assistance in this area.

Jennifer Davis
Owner, JD Design

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I have attended several of your classes and I have found them to be very pragmatic and directly applicable to my business...Prevention of legal problems is definitely more cost effective than wrangling through a controversy with the clock running...You have become a clearing house of real-world problems that if people listen, can save them many thousands of dollars in legal fees...I have always found your knowledge of the law to be very accurate and reliable. Often, your prediction of the outcome is very close to the reality of the actual conclusion.

Dennis Thomas
San Mateo Real Estate, Inc. Real estate construction and development

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