Rave Reviews from Clients

Estate Planning

You did an excellent job of presenting important estate planning information to our families.  Thank you so much! Your presentation had just the right mix of warmth and professionalism!  We appreciate it!

J. Carlson

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Nancy is tough and knowledgeable, a great combination in an attorney working for your interests. She's generally no-nonsense in approach but with room for a personal touch, so the interaction is positive. I highly recommend her and have done so for years.

Jeff Lea
Owner, Lea & Braze Engineering, Inc.

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Real Estate

Her understanding of Real Estate Law is exceptional. She represents client’s interest and has saved them lots of time and money. The books she has written and speaking she does is exceptional. I highly recommend her.

H. Gruber
Consultant/Advisor, Strategic Financial

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Nancy has consulted for our company several times over the past 12 years on construction and insurance law matters. Her thorough knowledge of these areas has helped our company make the best decisions in sometimes difficult situations.

Lynn Hammerschmidt
Owner, Hammerschmidt Construction

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Nancy Chillag has an innate ability to take complex issues and break them down into understandable components. As a guest on Real Estate with Bobbi Decker, Ms. Chillag discussed Construction Contracts. Her presentation was clear and concise, covering all the important aspects of this area while keeping the subject interesting and informative. She has the in-depth knowledge of her material and delivery style that captures the audience's attention.

Bobbi Decker
Host of Real Estate with Bobbi Decker

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