Strategic Partners

At Chillag & Associates, we highly value our relationships with business professionals and strategic partners in the Bay Area. 

We are grateful that much of our client base comes from professional referrals, and we take great pride in offering your clients a stellar legal experience and the utmost consideration and care.

We are also dedicated to supporting and enriching your professional practice, as we often provide our strategic partners with cutting-edge information, business opportunities, training workshops, continuing education opportunities and marketing materials throughout the year.

Furthermore, when you refer clients to Chillag & Associates in the areas of estate planning, business planning or real estate, you can also expect:

  • Greater penetration into your client’s natural market: When done correctly, the estate planning, real estate and business planning process brings together associates, adult children, fiduciaries and other family members—many of whom you have yet to serve as clients.  It is often through our efforts that they become exposed to your important work as a professional advisor and they are inspired to reach out to you for their own personal needs.
  • More assets under management: For financial advisors, part of our effort involves the consolidation of assets.  We are able to demonstrate the benefits of consolidation with you as part of simplifying the post mortem administration. We are uniquely positioned to persuade clients in this regard, and to overcome various misconceptions your clients have regarding diversification (e.g., diversification does not mean multiple financial institutions or advisors).
  • The referral of all “secondary clients”:  If your client refers friends or family members to us for services, we will always send these new clients in your direction should they require your professional assistance.
  • Greater multigenerational asset management:  Unlike most estate planning and business planning firms, we plan multigenerationally.  Through various methods, we establish plans that are essentially a continuation of the planning you may have started at the senior generation.  Many clients that have come to us for legal services have referred their children and grandchildren to us.
  • Marketing Assistance: Many times throughout the year, we will create marketing campaigns designed to increase the value of your services and promote greater client retention to your practice.  If you wish to do workshops and seminars, we will further partner with you by providing materials, speaking and event planning assistance.

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